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August 4th 2017   |  Opening Night at Wexner Center for the Arts

7:00 Wexner Center for the Arts

Keynote Speaker Mark Cummings Sr.


7:30 Wexner Center for the Arts

Heroes of Color: Harlem Hellfighters

The story of the 369th U.S Army Regiment, one of many segregated military units in 1918 sent to France during Word War I.


Dr. Race: Practicing while Black

Chronicles the 20 year fight for justice by African-American physician Dr. Dralves Edwards, his private practice was unjustly ran out of business due to denial of claims by the Medicare program.


7:45 Wexner Center for the Arts

Feature Presentation: Holy Hustle

A quick-witted con artist and his straight-laced brother, on the run from gangsters, scheme their way into pastoring a down-trodden rural church to hideaway while hustling the saints to scrape up the loot they owe.


CBIFF Opening Night Reception

Join us after program for a filmmakers network reception.


August 5th 2017   |  Screenings at Columbus College of Art and Design & Drexel Theatre

9:00AM Columbus College of Art and Design

Documentary Films


The 30th of May   |  dir. James Theres and Chris Windfield

Since the end of the Civil War, African Americans in Vidalia, La., and Natchez, Ms. have come together to celebrate black military service on Memorial Day.


Panomundo Part 1: The Evolution of the Steelpan   |  dir. Keith Musaman Morton

Slavery may have been the catalyst, but culture and passion formed this sound in Trinidad & Tobago. The steelpan can take the claim of being the only acoustic instrument invented in the 20th century.


Gospel Man Radio  |  dir. Bruce Nelson

For forty-five years Fred Larkins Slow Train Radio Gospel Musical Review has made an indelible impact on the Black community in the Greater Phoenix Area, Los Angeles, and in the state of Arizona.


Blaxploitalian | dir. Fred Kuwornu

A diasporic, hybrid, critical, and cosmopolitan dimension documentary that uncovers the careers of a population of entertainers seldom heard from before: Black actors in Italian cinema.

12:00PM Columbus College of Art and Design


Edge of Harmony  |  dir. Shashone Lambert

The Story about a forgotten Jazz Legend. Edge of Harmony highlights the life of Harmony Bessler, a struggling female jazz singer in 1933.


Kounterclockwise   |  dir. Deacon Burns

"The Great Adventures of Kounterclockwise," is about a husband and wife alternative hip hop duo called Kounterclockwise. They live in a small apartment building in Cleveland Heights Ohio with Deacon's Mother and her 7 cat’s.


Feature Presentation: King no Crown

dir. Al “Blueprint” Shepard)

A look behind the curtain into the life of independent hip-hop MC and producer Blueprint (Rhymesayers Entertainment) reveals the ups and downs of being successful but unsung artist during the release of his album, “King No Crown.”


2:00-3:30PM Columbus College of Art and Design

By Any Means Necessary: Make Your Film!

Filmmaking Workshop by Celia C. Peters

Do you have a point of view and a story to tell on the big screen? If you’re ready to start making movies, this workshop will give you the nuts and bolts of making your short film. (No prior experience is necessary; just come ready to learn.)


We’ll go through all phases of the process:

PRE-PRODUCTION: putting the production together

PRODUCTION: shooting the movie

POST-PRODUCTION: getting your short film finished, polished and festival-ready


You don’t need a million dollars, but you DO need vision, commitment, organization and knowhow.


We’ve got the knowledge ---- the rest is up to you!


Get ready to learn guerrilla filmmaking at its finest. Let’s get it!

2:30PM Columbus College of Art and Design

Drama Shorts


Silent Cries: The Prelude   |  dir. Shauntay Cherry

An underemployed construction worker begins to buckle under the pressures of fatherhood as his son's 7th birthday approaches.


Prisoner of the Mind   |  dir. Tia Patrick

After a restless night Time receives an unpleasant visit from his sinister psyche, Tyrone.


Blood Water and Blues (in 4 Chapters)   |  dir. Jos Duncun

This experimental short film is a poetic exploration of the filmmakers' existential crisis at the ensue of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Rolling in the Deep   |  dir. Marcellus Cox

A Young African American Male travels home to South Carolina looking to achieve a goal for his late Father by having a meal at an locally famous Whites Only Diner.


Aftermath  |  dir. Roxie Wilson and Marshall Woodworth

Desiree Miles, a sophisticated and focused, young lawyer must detach from a world that is highly emotional the day after the 2016 election in order to win a very important case, however, she finds herself constantly in the middle of unwanted madness.


3:00 PM Drexel Theatre

Music Films


Show Off - C-10  |  Dir. Mario Hensley

Inspired by Grindhouse horror movies with a twist of The Purge. The story takes place in a warehouse on the East side of Columbus, OH, where 4 people find themselves kidnapped and trapped by people who consider them nothing more than game.


Dance With Your Heart |  dir. Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi

Jennyselt is a dancer of Afro Cuban Folklore, with great prestige within Cuba and internationally and currently dances with the group Yoruba Andabo. She seeks her successor to keep the legacy of Afro-Cuban culture, dance and religion alive.


Making Skybreak  |  dir. Donnie Seals Jr.

Making SkyBreak' is a behind the scenes look at the creation of Zo!'s latest soul album. We not only travel the country talking to the artists behind the music, but we delve deep into the beginnings of Zo!'s music career.

4:00PM Drexel Theatre


Bottom   |  dir. Chinonye Chukwu

A sexually charged power struggle between two lovers reveals more than just who wants to be on top.


Ohio Premiere -  Feature Presentation:

parTy boi: Black Diamonds in Ice Castles

dir. Micheal Rice

A new documentary from filmmaker Michael Rice that takes a provocative look inside the African American and Latino LGBT communities that are being ravaged by crystal meth addiction. Presented with the following short film and followed by a panel discussion.


Panel Discussion: “Why Black Film Representation is the Fabric of America”


Debra Shade Writer, Shade Media

Justen Turner Director, Psuedo

Julian Turner Director/Writer, Psuedo

Micheal Rice Director, parTy boi: Black Diamonds in Ice Castles

Keya Crenshaw Writer, Black Chick Media

Whamae Boayue Writer, Producer, Abolitionist


7:30PM Drexel Theatre

Homegrown Shorts


Chain Heavy  | dir Cameron Granger

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Part 1 of 3 of a series of films based on the abstracted retelling of stories of people from, Cleveland, Ohio.


Stolen Dreams |  dir. Al Battle

A star high school basketball player who was raised in a single parent household. On the verge of going away to college, he reconnects with his estranged older brother who gets him caught up in a situation that changed his life forever.


Psuedo |  dir. Julien Turner and Justen Turner

A short film that contrasts the parallel experiences and outcomes of two unrelated chance encounters for two male teenagers.


Mission  |  dir. Celia C. Peters

A newly arrived extraterrestrial is saved from loneliness when he encounters another one of his species on Earth. He soon discovers they are more connected than he thought.


Abolitionist 6:31 |  dir. Aaron Hollingsworth and Al Battle

The past confronts the now through a moving narrative of the words of Harriet Tubman that confronts and inspires a continued legacy.




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